KLIA Terminal 1 and Klia Terminal 2 are they the same airport?

There are two different Airports; the KL International Airport Terminal 1 which is also known as the Main Terminal for full service airlines and Klia Terminal 2, the low-cost-carrier terminal. Klia Terminal 2 is located less than 2 kilometers away from KLIA Terminal 1, and is connected to KLIA Terminal 1 via the Express Rail Link.

Sama-Sama Hotel, Sama-Sama Express Terminal 1 and Sama-Sama Express Klia Terminal 2, are they the same hotel? What is the difference?

No, they are not the same Hotel and they are in different locations and have different features.

1. Sama-Sama Hotel is located adjacent to the KL International Airport Main Terminal Building. It is connected by a covered sky bridge and a 24-hour buggy service is provided by the Hotel to and from the Airport. The landside 5-star Hotel features 3 dining options, a landscape outdoor swimming pool, 24-hour fitness centre, sauna, Jacuzzi, massage facilities and a tennis court.

2. Sama-Sama Express KLIA Terminal 1 is situated at the Main Terminal, KL International Airport Terminal 1, inside Satellite A building, near Gate C5. The airside hotel is mainly for transit passengers and they do not need to clear the immigration and go through custom for luggage checked. Please ensure that all your checked in luggage has been checked through to your final destination.

3. Sama-Sama Express KLIA Terminal 2 is located at Klia Terminal 2, a separate terminal dedicated for low cost carrier, it is approximately 2km away from the Main Terminal, KL International Airport Terminal 1 . Sama-Sama Express Klia Terminal 2 is located at Level 3 inside the International Departure Hall of Klia Terminal 2. It is mainly for transit passengers departing via international flight at Klia Terminal 2 only.

Where is Sama-Sama Express located in KL International Airport Terminal 1?

We are located at Satellite “A” Building, Mezzanine Level, Gate C5. It is also adjacent with gate C1 and C3.

How do I get to Sama-Sama Express KL International Airport Terminal 1?

Should your flight arrive at Gate G & H you are required to take an aero train from the main terminal building to satellite building area and proceed to Gate C5. Should your flight touch down at gate C, you may proceed directly to Gate C5 (Mezzanine Level).

Where can I book my accommodation?

Book your stay with us via our website at www.samasamaexpress.com, email at reservations@samasamahotels.com or call our reservation at +603-87756620 .

What are the operation hours of Reservations?

Reservation can be contacted from 0900hrs to 1900hrs 7 days a week

Why do I need a boarding pass to check-in the hotel?

For non-transit passenger, the boarding pass is a mandatory requirement since the Hotel is located inside the Satellite Building. As for passenger transiting internationally or domestically, the boarding pass is not necessary as you are already in the international departure and arrival area.

If I am taking an International flight from KL International Airport Terminal 1, am I able to book the hotel?

Yes but it is depends on the boarding pass that you will get. Basically the check in counter will only open at least 8 hours before flight departs for Malaysia Airlines and 4 hours before depart for others flight then Malaysia Airlines.

Can I walk-in to the hotel without prior booking?

Yes, but it is subject to room availability.

How are the room rates calculated as my transit is not for a night stay?

We charge based on hours and the minimum stay is 6 hours with no maximum stay hours.

What if I accidentally cleared the Customs and Immigration?

You are advised to make a cancellation on the booking by calling us at +603 8787 4848 and speak to our reception on the cancellation as we not able to give permission for passenger to return back to the satellite area as it is purely handle by Custom and Immigration and Malaysia Aviation Security.

Can my reservations be transferred to Sama-Sama Hotel or Sama-Sama Express Klia Terminal 2?

No. The reservation is non-transferable to other hotel as the room type and room rates are different.

I am on transit but I have a check in luggage, What should I do?

You may check with your Airlines Customer Service and ensure that all your checked in luggage have been checked through to your final destination.

I have a transit to domestic flight, am I able to check in here?

Yes, you able to stay with us as as long as you are arriving from international flight from KLIA Terminal 1 but please do not collect your luggage as the luggage carousel is located after the Immigration.

I have a transit flight at Klia Terminal 2, Am I able to stay at Sama-Sama Express KLIA Terminal 1?

Yes but please note that you are not allowed to claim your luggage once you arrived at KLIA Terminal 1. The luggage will go to the Lost and Found department and you will able to claim the luggage after you check out from Sama-Sama Express. Please be informed that hotel is not responsible for any loss or damage to luggage. Once you take your luggage you may proceed to Level 1, Main Terminal Building for the Express Railway Link (ERL) to Klia Terminal 2. It may cost you MYR2.00 per journey and approximately 2 minutes to arrive at Klia Terminal 2. Please be aware of the ERL operations hours as below link: http://www.kliaekspres.com/

Which Airlines operates in KL international Airports Terminal 1?

All the inbound and outbound international Flight which is takeoff and landing at KL International Airport  Terminal 1 such as: Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates Airways, Lufthansa Airways, Royal Jordanian Airways, Garuda Indonesia Airways, China Eastern Airways, China Airlines, Korean Air, Japan International Airlines(JAL Airways), China Southern Airlines, Xiamen Airline, Singapore Airlines, Flynas Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines, KLM Airlines, Air France Airlines, Kuwait Airways and Etihad Airways.

How long it will take from Sama-Sama Express to the gate?

This depends on which gate that you will depart from. The longest time take to the last gate is approximately 10-15 minutes by foot and should your depart at Main Terminal building it may take approximately 20 – 30 minutes as you are required to take a shuttle train.

How can I go to town?

You may proceed to ERL “Express Railway Link” at Main Terminal Building Level 1 for further inquiry. It may take you about 29 minutes by taking the Express Train to KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur. You will be required to clear Immigration and subject transit visa requirement if applicable.

Am I able to visit Kuala Lumpur if I am staying at Sama-Sama Express?

Yes you are able to do that with the permission of Malaysia Immigration Rules and Regulation. You may refer to Visa Requirement as below link:


Please be informed also you are required to have next boarding pass in advance as you will not allowed to return back to hotel if you do not have a boarding pass as it is require by the Custom and Immigration.

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